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Site Design
eLuxury.com (circa 2014-2016)
eLuxury.com was built on the Shopify ecommerce platform. I worked closely with the eLuxury website manager to develop and maintain eLuxury.com between 2014 and 2016. During this time I worked with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, and Liquid (Shopify's open source server scripting language) to meet the site stats and sales goals set by management.

I lead the development and testing of new site features. I maintained eLuxury's site speed and load time statistics (including page size, image size, HTTP request count, load-blocking javascript, and above-the-fold images) to ensure that our site ran as quickly as possible on all devices. I was in charge of making sure the site fell in line with the most up-to-date SEO strategies to maintain our organic search presence. I was in charge of implementing third-party scripts including analytics and tracking, social integration, customer aquisition, and customer retention software. I was also in charge of designing and maintaining our blog presence.
I designed and developed the 2017-2018 campaign website for Matthew Hostettler. The goal of this site was to maximize SEO, visual appeal, and page-load times on mobile. I designed the site using Bootstrap with mobile optimization as a main focus. I used HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Javascript to complete the design and funtionality.
I designed and developed the site you are currently viewing. The goal for this site was to create a simple, functional portfolio with a focus on a memorable experience and minimal load times. I used HTML, CSS, and SVG markup to create all of the design and effects on the site.
ThePodiumCompany.com (circa 2016-2017)
I redesigned ThePodiumCompany.com (Shopify) to improve its SEO value and user experience. I used HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Liquid to modify the site's previous theme to better fit the needs of the owners. I rearranged and reformatted key elements to improve the site's SEO ranking as much as possible via on-page properties.
Full Stack
eLuxury Rewards
eLuxury Rewards was a PHP-built, SQL-based database interface utilizing professional standard security and data integrity methods. The goal of the project was to create a service where eLuxury customers could spread the word about the company via referral and gain points for every entrant who used them as a reference, while providing their email address to eLuxury for use in future marketing promotions.

The program managed user's data, generated unique tracking URLs for each user, and kept track of the number of points each user had gathered over the lifetime of the competition. Users were also able to see their numerical position in the overall leaderboard of points. The leaderboard was sorted by the number of points each user had gained from referrals. Ties were broken between users with the same score by testing which user had signed up for the program at the earliest date. Points were tallied at the end of the competition and prizes were awarded to the top 25 contestants.

The program was considered a success generating over 12,000 marketable email addresses for eLuxury and bring in over $10,000 in additional referral revenue during the life of the competition.
US Justice Foundation
The US Justice Foundation needed a way to efficiently automate the process of collecting donations for their cause. I developed a system that utilized AngularSJ, StripeJS, PHP, and SQL to tackle that problem. The end result was an automated donation-collection system with an easy-to-use admin backend. The admin control panel allowed the user to view donation history, send emails to donor tiers based on lifetime accumulated donations, and send petition faxes signed by the list of donors. The frontend was developed with Bootstrap 3.
Make Me Some Tea (Web)
This project is a small browser-based game. I created it using the HTML5 canvas object, CSS, Javascript and the Construct framework. The goal was to create a small game with a minimal color palette and simple rules.