Brandon Thread 

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Brand-Focused Marketing
INC 5000 - #4
This video was produced to thank eLuxury's customers for helping to propel the eLuxury brand forward. I scripted, directed, lit, shot, acted, and edited this video. I was given the 6 hours between INC's pre-announcement and INC's public announcement to complete this video and have it ready to launch on social, email, and the company website.
American-Made Mattress Pads
This video was made as part of an "American-Made Products" marketing campaign for eLuxury. The focus was to appeal to our US customers by showing hard-working Americans making quality products. I co-scripted, lit, shot, voiced, and edited this video.
INC 5000 - #15
The goal of this video was to announce eLuxury's #15 spot on the INC 5000 list in 2015. We wanted to use this as a way to thank current and past customers, while also appealing to future business partners. I scripted, directed, lit, acted, and edited this video.
Product-Focused Marketing
Moisture Barrier Mattress Pad
The goal of this video was to show off the features of eLuxury's waterproof mattress pad. I staged, lit, shot, edited, and authored the text VFX. The product sales asked that I include "shots that fly down the mattress" like the videos of our competitors. I didn't have access to any dolly or crane equipment so I achieved those shots by securing the camera to extra stationary lighting beams and pulling the mattress underneath.
5 Gallon Bucket
Some of eLuxury's customers were having issues fastening the lids to our 5 gallon buckets. I was asked to make a short video for the product listing page that quickly explains the process to a customer that would more-than-likely be agitated. I directed, lit, shot, edited and authored the text VFX on this video.
Social Engagement
Flannel Fridays
This video was part of eLuxury's social campaign to show the real human faces behind our online business. The goal was to feel more like "The Office" than our typical informational videos. I directed, lit, shot, and edited this video.
Louie's New Home
eLuxury used this video to launch one of its "Giving Back" campaigns. The goal was to promote our new dog beds and announce the charity program on our social platforms. I directed, shot, and edited this video.
Motion Graphics
The Bedding Bible
The goal of this video was to announce and promote eLuxury's new "Bedding Bible". The product was a large infographic pdf, so I chose to create a motion graphic video in a similar style to unify the customer's experience. I scripted, voiced, edited, and authored the VFX for this video.
ePackageSupply Announcment
The goal of this video was to supplement an email campaign announcing the opening of ePackageSupply. It needed to be short and easy to understand without audio (many of our customers open our emails on their phones). I scripted, edited, and authored the VXF for this video.
Black Friday 2016 (High-Quality GIF)
The goal of this video was to be a high-quality GIF for our 2016 Black Friday social campaign. I edited and authored the VFX for this video.