Brandon Thread 

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Lottocracy (Windows)
This game was created in less than 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 38 Game Jam. As the newly drawn leader of a lottocratic planet, the player must collect resources and maintain order to fend off a coming invasion. I created a WorldState manager to oversee the creation and deligation of procedural events for the planet. Each city is given its own event that must not be similar to its previous event or the events of neighboring cities. For balance and "fun" purposes, the WorldState manager also maintains a normalizing index that keeps the player from experiencing too many negative events in a row. For this game's systems and logic, I used C# with the Unity3d framework. I used Blender, Photoshop, and Bitmap2Material for all model and texture creation. I used FL Studio and EWQL Goliath for all sound effects and music. All assets (programming, art, and sound) were created by me within the 72 hour event period.
Dufuse the Bomb (Windows)
This game was made in in less than 7 days for the 7DFPS 2014 game jam. The player must navigate a maze-like space to find and disarm a procedurally-placed bomb. This game makes use of the Unity3d game engine. I created a procedural placement algorithm that uses a 3d relational matrix to select a position for the bomb and its defusal instructions so that the player is able to discover both pieces before the timer runs out. I used C# to program the game's logic and systems. I used blender and photoshop to create the models and textures for the game. I used FL Studio to create the sound effects and music for the game. All programming, art, and sound were created by me.
The Treasure of Gah Zu'Kann (Windows)
This game was created in less than 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 37 Game Competition. It is a small puzzle game where the player reads sections of a story and matches them to symbols. I used C# with the Unity3d framework to create the game systems. I used Blender, Photoshop, and Substance Designer to create the models and textures for the game. I used FL Studio to create the sound effects and music. All assets were created by me during the 48 hour competition period as per the rules of Ludum Dare.
Arena Battler (Python)
This is a small text-based game written in Python. The player battles through a series a procedurally-generated enemies to become the arena champion. I wrote this game as a challenge to not utilize any 3rd party frameworks. For this project I created a text-based battle engine, a stat system, an inventory system, a procedural item system, and a procedural enemy system. The procedural enemy system populates a template enemy with generated stats, a random inventory (weapon, armor, and a few items), and a generated name. At the end of a battle, if the player is victorious, they will recieve a random set of helpful items (weapons, armor, or single-use potions). Requires Python 3.5.x.
MIDI ONE (Python)
Have you ever wanted to write music but you just couldn't figure it out? MIDI ONE is a procedural music generation script that is designed to make music composition a breeze. I designed the application to require no musical knowledge to operate; just tell it how fast, how long, and what mood you want your song to be. The script will do the rest! It spits out a MIDI file that can be edited in any DAW or fed through any MIDI-operated keyboard. You can even play your song through MIDI ONE itself to get a preview. The script utilizes the "PyGame" framework for playback and the "MIDIutil" framework to handle the fiddly bits of exporting a MIDI file. Requires Python 3.6.x+, PyGame, and MIDIutil.
BRBM8 (Python)
Have you ever wanted to walk away from your keyboard while playing an online PC game, but you didn't want the server to kick you for being idle? BRBM8 is a small, configurable script that randomly presses buttons in your application at designated intervals to trick the server into thinking you are still playing. Please use this script responsibly. This script uses "PyAutoGUI" to manage cross-platform hardware interfacing. Requires Python 3.5.x+ and PyAutoGUI.
Disk Walker (Python)
Have you ever wanted to look like you are doing something really important on your computer? Disk Walker is a small script that runs through every file in every folder on your computer and prints the full file path to the screen. When the script finishes running through your files, it displays a line showing an error counter that populates with a random number of fake errors. Requires Python 3.x.
Noise (Python)
Have you ever wanted to confuse your ISP or all of the advertisement trackers littered across the internet? Noise is a small script that sends out random Google searches from your computer every few seconds. It uses a small list of predefined words to compile compound search queries. This script utilizes Python Requests to make quick and easy HTTP search requests. Please use this script responsibly. Requires Python 3.x and Python Requests.