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Twitter Bots
Lonely Monoliths
This is a twitter bot that I created using "Cheap Bots, Done Quick!" and "Tracery". I created a Tracery script that creates procedural images using SVG markup. Lonely Monoliths ustilizes SVG layers, groups, masks, and effects to create a scene with a solitary object on a flat plain.
eLuxury Bot
Using PHP and Apache Server Chron Jobs, I created a Twitter bot for eLuxury that would tweet about a random product every three hours. The goal was to try automating our Twitter account so that our tweets would be fresh in the timelines of potential customers no matter what their schedule or time zone. The bot would choose a random product from the top-sellers then grab its URL, photo, price, and a little blurb about it. It would then use the Twitter API to send a tweet POST request. The results were mediocre financially, but the bot performed as expected.
Bitsy Games
It's Pretty Dark...
I created this game for the January 2018 Bitsy Jam "Midnight". The goal was to extend beyond the box of Bitsy's capabilities while still using an unmodified version of the engine. I created a maze that utilizes room transitions for each step to give the player the illusion that they are moving through a dark space with a torch.
Memories In The Snow
I created this game for the November 2017 Bitsy Jam "Snow". The goal was to create a space that used Bitsy's "item" object in an unconventional way to provide the player with a sense of impact upon the game world. I used the "item" object as a layer of snow over the ground tiles so that when the player walked over them items and picked them up, it would appear that they were leaving footprints in the snow. I also composed a short piano piece for this game using FL Studio and EWQL Goliath.
Leaky Tap
I created this game as a joke to use the Bitsy engine in an unconventional way. The goal was to shift this Bitsy game away from the personal, story-driven games for which the engine was created, and instead make a completely nonsensical game about a water faucet.
A Walk In A Field
I created this game to attempt new ways of using Bitsy's features to progress storytelling. I used multi-room animation for walking across spaces. I also pioneered invisible "items" as a method for displaying story text.
You Arrive At A Party
I created this game as an exercise in developing interesting minor characters. There are 20+ minor characters for the player to interact with; each have their own little quirks.